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Again, do not try to see how much detail and content you can cram into a speech.

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As a persuasive speaker, you will do more than teach; you will ask your listeners to respond to the information you share.

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Once you announce your topic and outline, stay on message.

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Do not use words such as know, understand, or believe.

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Objectives are also repeated at the start of every section.

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Just be sure to allow plenty of time to analyze the responses before your speech.

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This is called flow scoping.

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Ruiz thought the audience for her speech on birth control would be women of childbearing age.

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Deliver your speech just as you rehearsed it before your imaginary audience: Maintain eye contact, speak loudly enough to be heard, and use some natural variations in pitch.

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Did you interpret the statistics accurately?

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Explain how something you consulted your access code into a moment of a specific problem of how he related. Use Reliable Sources Statistics can be exploited to support almost any conclusion desired. It may undergo many revisions before you actually deliver your speech.

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Do not assume that a secondhand account, or secondary source, has reported the statistic accurately and fairly. Listening barriers are created when you fail to perform any of these activities effectively. Related to being a critical listener is being a critical thinker.

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